Album ‘Freedom’

29th German Rock & Pop Award. Black Pepper is the winner of the Category BEST REGGAE INTERPRET 2011.


Black Pepper has been nominated for 2nd BEST  PERCUSSIONIST 2011 on 29th German Rock & Pop Award 2011




Is the winner of the 26th  German Rock &
Pop Award of 2008 in the
Category of REGGAE


...and finally the explanation of it.

JAH time still... Peppers words have been heard for so many
times by fans and listeners that they became quite popular
already. Though most of the people do not know their meaning,
 here's a try of explaining them roughly. These three words
carry a message on its own already.

Imagine you meet a
friend on the road and you ask that friend: ''Hi, how are you?''
Then often the answer is: ''not good'' or ''bad'' or alike.
For Pepper the answer is definitely JAH time still because:

''... today is today and we are living; our feet are moving,
we can see, hear, breathe, speak and feel:
We are in a JAH time, still...!''


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